Thursday, December 27, 2012


What has started out as a simple case for a highly decorated undercover Detective Jude Jefferson has evolved into a personal mission to apprehend a serial killer.
Detective Jude Jefferson has discovered that super rich financier Jordan Fincher, who will soon be sworn in as the Mayor of New Hope City is involved in several ritual killings of young women around the city. Jude has a vested interest in seeing Fincher brought to justice. The two men were once best of friends, childhood buddies until Fincher did the unthinkable and destroyed their friendship in their college days. Full of self-righteous vendetta, Jude has built a solid case against Fincher making his way to the recently elected Mayor’s penthouse office to arrest him. But Jude is confronted with a reality that will tear asunder his world...  Nothing about his old friend or the secrets that surround him are normal, and these secrets will change EVERYTHING....
 Welcome to the World of the INHERITORS.

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