Monday, December 24, 2012


December 24, 2012 –Continuing a strategy of delivering exceptional creative content to an ever-expanding audience around the world, XMOOR STUDIOS and RUBIC HOUSE announce today that we are collaborating to form INHERITORS FILMS LLC.
Our first foray into the medium will be a short film introducing the world of INHERITORS and then a full-length live action interpretation of the film based upon the Graphic Novel series INHERITORS published by Xmoor Studios.
This transaction combines Xmoor Studios popular intellectual property with Rubic House’s unique groundbreaking film production. Together we hope to achieve an unparalleled creativity across multiple platforms, businesses, and markets, which we believe will generate growth as well as significant long-term value."
INHERITORS FILMS intends to move into the arena of live action film production, consumer products, animation, and visual effects.

The Inheritors Film production team:

director - producer

Chidi Ozieh is a Writer, Director, Producer, Music Composer and VFX Supervisor currently based in New York City. He has written, directed and produced a slew of commercials and short films including his most recent work "SERUM", a political sci-fi film noir short film which is currently making its way around the international film festival circuit and recently won BEST SCI-FI SHORT FILM at The Philadelphia Film Festival. Coming from a strong music and visual arts background, Chidi has scored music for various commercials and movies including assisting with sound design for the LIONSGATE recent release of "Nightmare In Las Cruces", a feature length documentary. Chidi is also developing an ambitious live action rotoscope animated movie titled "Young Mallory" which promises to break visual boundaries with what is possible in the medium.

Having recently adapted operatic work such as David Wolfson’s heart felt opera “MAYA’S ARK” from the stage to the silver screen I feel confident about adapting this literary work. The Inheritors comic book series instantly grabbed me as something that would suit my visual sensibilities and make great cinema. I am very much looking forward to imprinting my vision and direction on this intriguing story.

Robert Garrett - Writer/Publisher

 Robert Garrett is a Writer, Creator and Founder & Co-­‐Publisher of Xmoor Studios. Currently located in New Jersey, he is a self-­‐taught writer who has also studied for several years at various institutes such as NYU and The New School of Social Research. Robert is the writer/creator of GALTOW, SEIZE ASYLUM, TOOL-­‐BOI and INHERITORS comic books, as well as his first novella The HOUSE of GALES. Robert’s love for creation and character development have led
him to create a universe of original intellectual properties that have slowly begun to garner attention from international media houses around the world. Robert is currently working on a new novel, and
a stage play for production in 2013.


Chuks Oyem - Director/Producer

Chuks Oyem is a Writer, Director, Producer and Editor currently based in New York City. He has worked on a series of videography pieces and short films under the Rubic House banner. His recent fantasy short film titled "Arella" was selected for the Crown Heights International Film Festival in Brooklyn New York. In addition his videography promotional piece produced for the 'Wildstyles' business in Philadelphia, PA was used at the BET 'BONNERS BROS' national competition. His love for the medium of film and his dedication to his craft is evident in the pieces he produces. Chuks is currently developing an ambitious feature film titled "Martyrdom" which promises to be a compelling piece of cinema.

 Eric Nocella Diaz - Art Director/Publisher

 Eric Nocella Diaz has been a professional artist for over seventeen years starting his career as a animation cell inker for Curious Pictures. He then went on to sculpt numerous professional toy prototypes with major companies such as ToyBiz, Marvel, Hasbro, McFarlane Toys, ToysRus, Kid Robot, the Art Asylum, Kaching Brands and the WWF. Eric has also sculpted the infamous Video Game Award crowned monkey trophy for Spike TV as well as many designer vinyl toys and mass produced licensed products for up and coming artists, animators and illustrators. He currently produces his own line of well known high end designer resin collectibles
through Argonaut Resins out of Hoboken NJ and is co-publisher, art director and editor at Xmoor Studios producing popular independent comic books with writer and creator Robert Garrett

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